wonder what the fuck?

i’m not gonna lie…

…when i was a little fanboy kid, trying to grab every star wars figure i could get my hands on, i typically passed on the leia ones. why? because in my eyes the guy ones were “action figures”, the girl ones were “dolls”. it was the late 1970s and early 1980s. it was what it was.

in many ways this is still the same.

in the world of comic and sci-fi and all things geeky things are still very male oriented. i would wager even more so than sports. the women percentage is “growing” (i put it in quotes because honestly i think it was always there, but lurking in the shadows) but it still is a sausage fest.

enter the austin-based “alamo drafthouse” theater chain and the new wonder woman movie.

they did a women’s only screening with moneys raised benefiting planned parenthood. i thought that was cool.

but other men did not.

i thought it would be a cool lady’s night out, and since it IS the first woman superhero movie it made sense to me. in researching this bit i read about the alamo in brooklyn interviewing women pre-screening and one of the women commented how nice it would be to see the movie without fan boys being locker-roomish about the leading lady’s looks.

never thought of that one, but a valid point.

what got ridiculous was the criticism. fanboys went apeshit online. lawsuits were filed (by an actual law professor? kiss that tenure good-bye!). shit, the whiny fan boys even got the austin mayor involved.

fucking get over it – is your dick THAT god damn small?

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