piriformis anxiety

well, on the upside my demon has a name…

…and it’s pirformis syndrome.

a little over a year ago i decided to be a slightly dickish step-parent and go get a picture with this:

which i actually did a bit about. what i neglected to mention in the bit was my pause on the way there due my left leg basically deciding i could be in agony OR i could just stand there. i elected to do the latter, and just hung out on the sidewalk fucking with my phone so i didn’t look awkward but all the while cursing under my breath about the combo of discomfort and said discomfort making me feel super fucking old by stranding me on second street.

and so it’s gone for over a year. not a CONSTANT thing, you understand…but occasional rare flare ups. and then i noticed if i turned my foot a little more straight when i walk it would be fine. i also had a lower back thing that felt like a gluteal thing pop up on the odd occasion, which just felt like a low, low, lower backache.

turns out it was all this piriformis shit.

so, at least now i know this evil fuckers name. it seems to flare up the most when i sacrifice leg day in the gym due to work schedule or what not. i guess i need to stop doing that, and maybe bust out gluteal exercise or two. now that i know my enemy, i gotta figure out how to defeat it…let the games begin! fuck old age!

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  • Shane May 13, 2017 @ 20:11

    Better a piriformis flare up than a herpes flare up..just sayin.

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