hump day hell bit

i love when i start a bit and uncover a different angle as i do my research…

i thought it was one of the stupidest ad jingles i’d ever heard when i heard “when your morning is hell, just go to taco bell”. as for what a taco bell in hell would look like…

(not my best photoshop work but you get the idea)

but i had no idea about this right-wing-nut bullshit group that was trying to protest the ad calling it “crude” and “full of foul language” because it uses the word “hell”.

fucking seriously?

i mean, don’t get me wrong – i openly acknowledge that i use more profanity than your average person. i know this. shit, catch me on most days and i’m PROUD of this. but to go after an ad for using the word “hell”? they refer to a guy’s co-worker as a “suck up” instead of a “kiss ass” which could have just as easily been used. i’ll go the extreme right way here – the word “hell” is in the bible, which is (supposedly) the word of god. so it CAN’T be wrong, can it?

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