bovine rape and expensive weed whackers

thanks to the fat cow fuck up of 2008 i only have ONE bit from april of 2007…

…and this would be it. ten years ago tomorrow:
“the $350 weed wacker”
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yesterday was a bit pricey…

…all ’cause it was so fucking pretty on thursday.

this winter the price of natural gas has been through the roof. when you factor in us being stuck here for five straight days at one point due to the weather, coupled with said weather being sub-freezing, coupled with the dualities of alex being from miami AND female (which means she gets cold if it’s below eighty in the house) and all of a sudden the furnace is pulling extra detail which meant this year i had the highest heating bills EVER in this house.

this was not cool – both literally and figuratively.

when i got the big heating bill earlier this weekend i thought someone, somewhere, had fucked up. obviously the meter was off. or demons had possessed the billing software. or SOMETHING. nope, it turns out it was accurate – they were just a lot higher than they had been; but since i live in lockhart, and i know them here, and they know me here, we came to an agreement of me paying about half and then adding $50 to the next few bills in addition to the bill amount (which was never over $75) and we’d balance out this way. there’s no place in the gas system software for this, it was just an arrangement, and i was cool with that.

that was in late february. fast forward to the pretty-ass thursday we had.

they decided to have a lawn crew come by and trim up and while they were weed-whacking the tall grass next to the building they accidentally sliced through the network cable that runs up the side of the building and all computers went off line.

this was bad on a lot of levels.

due to the whole environmental and health concerns about gas leaks and such the network has to be online to report and monitor and such and so the network in lockhart was then handled by the luling office, who would also then have a pop-up screen indicating past-due accounts that needed to be cut off.

luling people don’t know me. and i don’t know them. but they DID know that my account showed ninety-days past due and therefore needed to be axed.

so i get home thursday evening and take a shower…all is well. i have a big hot water heater, so i still had plenty for me. the next morning when alex took a shower? that was a different story – and when she mentioned it to me i found out the gas was out.

which turned out to be a good thing.

if she HADN’T noticed and said something i would have gone to work early only to leave early to race to my second tattoo appointment of the week that COULDN’T happen due to unforeseen circumstances. i then would have come home to cold water and the gas folk don’t work on weekends, so we would have had to live with that all weekend and i would have had to miss a couple hours waiting for them to come out on monday.

instead i got to go in late on friday, which meant NOT leaving early, which ended up being okay. couple that with no cold showers all weekend, and in may ways we came out ahead – except for the fact that i then had to settle up the next two monthly payments, plus the current bill, plus deposit, plus disconnect fee, for a total of around $350 the weekend BETWEEN paydays.

so that kinda sucked.

but at least i get to take a hot shower in a second. count your blessings where you can, eh?

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