this is the end (it took long enough!)

every summer os goes to his dad’s place in colorado…

…and back in 2016 i started “da’ list”. or maybe it was xmas of 2015. i can’t remember which.

it’s a playlist on my ipod that’s meant to be shuffled. it doesn’t have any odd live tracks, or weird tracks that are the middle of DJ mixes. it’s basically meant to sound like if i programmed a “pod shuffle” format radio station, this is what it would sound like. it’s hand-picked shit, and it’s 7,708 songs long.

i finally finished it, all the way, about a week and some change ago.

of course, as it randomly played you never knew what would come next or, most importantly, what would come last. i’d sat through half of it here and there, but this was the first time i went through the whole damn thing. it’s the couple halvsies i pulled with it that makes me think i started it summer of 2016. they didn’t take that long.

but, regardless, i ran it through and i kept track of the last six for a bit – but since there WERE nine tracks starting with 7,700 i just decided to do a niner today:

7700 depeche mode it doesn’t matter two – a “deeper cut” off one of my favorite albums, black celebration. i listened to this album WAY too much in high school and still remember all the words. it’s what inspired me to dye my hair black – which is why the bathroom got painted the first time. sorry mom.

7701 the beatles can’t buy me love – a cut we all know. a cut i got off limewire when i got drunk and downloaded every beatles song i could think of. that’s a lot, btw. done through a stolen wi-fi connection ’cause…if you ain’t paying for the music, why pay for any of the process, right?

7702 new order paradise (robert racic mix) – the lesser known track off brotherhood from 1986, this mix comes off their box set on this list, and given how much new order and depeche mode is on this list i’m surprised they only each had one at the end here. not a bad cut, but honestly i dropped the whole box set on here so it’s not like i recognized it right off or something…

7703 ozzy osbourne paranoide (live) – off his ozzman cometh greatest hits cd. no offense to iomi, but i almost like wylde’s guitar work on this one more than the original. i’ve heard both live, and i think zack kills it. this was back when i’d grab any greatest hits cd i could to listen to in the car.

7704 john taylor i do what i do – the only solo track by an awesome bass player, although it actually has ZERO bass on it?!? it’s from 9/12 weeks. i once bought mickey rourke a drink. that’s my only tie to this track, other than liking it despite it’s lack of bass.

7705 how to destroy angels on the wing – or “nine inch nails lite”. the ufc is a fan. i’m not the more i listen to them – a lot of their stuff, to me, sounds like the remixes we’d get out of nine inch nails that i’d skip over. it made the list, quite honestly, because i bought the album to burn for the wifey back when she was just the girlfriendey.

7706 bad lieutenant this is home – call them “bad…”, “new…”, or electronic, if bernard sumner is singing it sounds like new order to me. period. and this is no exception. it’s good, but not “new order good”. i’m glad he (kinda) got the old band back together…at least as back together as they’ll ever be due to hook’s stubborn ass.

7707 LTJ Bukem music – i used this drum & bass cd to test car speakers for YEARS. it still sounds good. lots of bass, dreamy keyboards. a leftover from my sundance records days.

and finally…

on the toll road flyover several stories above mustang ridge, tx, at 10:14 pm on april 3rd, the final track played:

7708 lenny kravitz live – he’s played this song in concert all three times i’ve seen him. it sounds EXACTLY the same live, but with more audience participation.

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