sunday 2am sixer

sometimes, at my age, you gotta start your day with your morning pills…

there, that’s better.

mother fuck daylight savings time! i still don’t understand why this is still around. no other country in the civilized world does it, so why do we make them remember our time zones shift to the right or left depending on the month? and my phone did that annoying thing where i sat and watched it go from 1:29am to 3:00am and then i fell asleep around 3:30. alarm went off, i got up and started casually getting ready, but then looked at my watch and panicked. see, the night before i had set my watch AND the clock in my car to daylight savings time. check out the pic of the car display and cross reference with my phone time stamp:

so i was an hour late to work today! how the fuck y’all doing?

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