iphone cleaning, part whatever

i save some weird shit on my phone when i’m fucked up…

…usually with the intent of doing bits here or there.

here’s what popped up on a quick search:

i posted this on social media and even sent it to an ex in response to a “Happy V-Day!” email. you get weird responses to such actions…

when i was a kid (and i believe my third or fourth grade picture had me wearing it) i had a shirt that said “i operate on love, guts, determination, and the occasional candy bar”. that fit then. this fits now.

this is the kind of shit my co-workers at the tattoo shop send amongst themselves. one of them IS actually gay. he’s left off these threads out of respect…

MAD iphone photo skills here – driving 75mph in a 55mph construction zone with narrow ass lanes and got this pic just to send to ME to see if she (who is a knitting fool) had ever knitted a jeep tire cover. she hasn’t, but HAS done this same pattern for pillows. i don’t think that counts.

i agree (posted by the man that never washes his hands)

and finally…

i typically save the trump shit for the trump site, but this was just funny…and how did that piece of shit get his own star, anyway?

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