twelve inches of blasphemy

there are three words that can get you shot in lockhart, texas…


only kidding (maybe – that would probably do it, too…)

no, i’m talking about “chain restaurant bar-b-que”. it’s just not something DONE here. we are probably the town that sells the least amount of mcribs per capita in the global mcdonald’s empire. but this?

needs to be an exception to the rule, ’cause this is just GOOD. decided to have a cheat meal (i’m down seven pounds since valentine’s day!) and had a couple slices of this. the typical problem i have with bbq pizza (hot bar-b-que sauce can be too acidic for me) wasn’t a problem – the sauce plays nicely. the brisket, pulled pork, and bacon all blend well. and the “smokehouse crust” is essentially what happens if a pizza crust and some bbq chips get drunk together and make a baby.

and i’ve got leftovers in the fridge!

so, yes – i ate chain store bbq in lockhart texas…and i’d do it again! well, once i get back in the 220’s…

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