and so it begins…

it’ll still be there in a month…

…that’s what i have to tell myself.

my weight has always been an issue for me. at twenty i weighed 250. by thirty i was up to 265. but at forty i got down to 207…but to achieve it i had to sacrifice a ton of muscle tone and was a lot weaker physically. that wasn’t worth it…but getting back to a deuce and a quarter, or maybe just south of that (in the teens) i think is a good goal for me. i’m not gonna have ripped abs at that weight, but i didn’t at 207 either and, again, don’t wanna sacrifice chest, arm, or shoulder size to hit a number so there we are.

and i don’t think i’m gonna do low carb…the ufc and i were just talking about that, and honestly they two things i really don’t like about that are that when carbs are re-introduced into the mix my weight spiked again and i feel like shit, and it also effects the way your body heals and any tattoo work i got done that summer i did low carb healed like ass.
these are the new loaded curly fries from arby’s. i just tried them for the first time last week (i didn’t finish them). they are every bit as delicious as they look. and i feel safe in saying they’ll still be there in four to six weeks when my weight is (theoretically) down and i can allow myself a cheat meal of epic proportions. but not THIS epic…

that’s the outback steakhouse bloomin’ onion topped with their loaded fries. side note: the loaded fries once shot an amorous night in the foot for me. truth. it was two weeks after mom died, and i was dating a little redheaded stripper who’s NINETEENTH birthday was february 22nd. she had been through the whole “mom-death” thing with me so to celebrate we did dinner anywhere she chose (she chose outback) and then we spent the night at the driskill (i had a hook up). but any planned activity was cancelled because we were too stuffed to move. from what? those fucking fries! and now they’ve added them to the top of the “bloomin’ onion”, which tops many an online list as the most unhealthy thing you can purchase from a chain restaurant…because adding fried potato, bacon, and cheese to the top of it makes it all the better, right?

taste-wise? yes!

but seriously – this looks like something i would pick at on the buffet of a large event…not something i should split with only ONE other person. this is just aussie-themed death right here.

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