sick sunday sixer

what the hell is wrong with me?

…there are moments i start to really feel my age. of late there are many. a list of current ailments (also explains my lack of socialization lately):

teef – my mom’s side of the family has historically bad teeth. as does my dad’s. it looked like it skipped me – while teri had cavities and weak enamel and such mine were strong. had room for my wisdom teeth to come in without issue. then i hit adulthood and all went to shit. now my teeth will lay dormant and fine for years at a stretch, and then i’m having to gobble tylenol like it’s mints after an italian meal. i’m in that latter phase for the last week or two…

my back, my neck, my neck and my back! – the back thing goes back to when i was little. like fifth grade little. i twisted my back then and problems pop up in one way or another ever since. typically i can trace the latest ones to repetitive tasks completed after long stints of skipping core, particularly the lower back portion of it, in the gym. skipped quite a bit of core lately because most core exercises require stuff to rest on your calves, which mine had healing ink. oops. gotta get back on that one.

allergies – in central texas it’s not just an annoyance, it’s a lifestyle – mine have been okay lately, but this weekend they fired up as well…’cause…ya know…can’t just have two ailments going, ya know? but also…

“pulling your groin” used to be my happy place – not any more. i don’t know how or what i did to myself, but just lifting my left leg to get out of the car makes me feel like i just got my nuts hit. not hard, but if you’re a dude you know “hard” ain’t needed.

pretty colours – admittedly this is coming along nicely and i kinda ASKED for this one. new plan is to try to fill my right calf by the end of the summer. we’ll see how that goes…

writer’s block – since i can’t come up with a sixth one this counts, right?

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