three’s family

there’s a reason why my wedding ring has three dia de los muerte skulls on it…

…and it’s ’cause the ufc came with a bonus eight year old – who’ll be thirteen in march. he just flew back from his dad’s today, so while this bit IS being posted live, it’s being posted live from the couch in the den, not the desk of my office. in there we have a 40″ high-def lcd that my notebook takes up the vga port on, but i’ve wired several gaming systems into the HDMI ports so since the kiddo has his us-mas today he’s got games to play, and it’s kind of a dick move to give a kid a new video game then tell him he has to wait to play it so you can tell shane & kramer and the maybe three other people that will read this but don’t live with me all about it.

i’m a dick, but i’m not THAT much of a dick.

a tear wells in my eye as i reset my phone to have a seven day alarm again (at 7:42am CST, for all curious) and we get back to our version of normal. per family tradition we planned numerous projects (typically involving our domicile) that didn’t get done in his absence, as well as some car repairs for myself that will now be pushed off indefinitely due to economic and scheduling reasons (at least one is pushing the issue to happen this month, and mild winter weather might make another happen, but the one i can’t actually do myself will once again get bumped – sucks having a convertible you can’t drop the top on, lemme tell you!) but so it goes, i suppose…

…moving on…

…now all the resolutions all get brought up as well. eat healthy. manage money better. get the house more under control. the usual domestic guarantees that it’s “for real this time” with the unspoken knowledge that, at a minimum, fifty percent of it never will happen. ah, family life.

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