old shit that’s only partially white and crusty

so, the good news and the bad news…

1. the bad – this is the last new bit of 2016, which has been a shitty year
2. the good – i’m gonna use the time off to beef up the archives off an old disc

so while i won’t be writing any new shit you’ll see before january, i WILL be going through a disc that covers a good chunk of the first year and a half of the site and re-posting it in the archives. the only things i won’t post are posts referencing graphics that no longer exist, ’cause those are just boring without the visuals. so congrats to das führer for making it official as i’m writing this (live results show him with 268 of the 270 electoral votes he needs to win)…

…and we’ll see if the coming years are as scary as it looks like they might be. good-night, everybody!

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