break week’s a comin’

the week between xmas and new years i, more often than not, i take a break…

…this year will be no exception.

i’ve already got what you’re expecting xmas eve loaded. i’ll go through some archival shit and do something. maybe a year in review, maybe a flashback – i’m still not sure. but i’ve also gotta take a break from body modification. i had my nipples re-re-re-re-pierced (add another “re” for the right one) and then sat through a two hour tattoo on wednesday. the ufc and i each got our septum pierced on thursday. all this was done because i’ve always wanted to get pierced by harold’s wife (as has the ufc) and they ship off to dallas and then maui on sunday, so we had to do it while we could. just so you know i’m not just using my friends, in between i helped him pull apart furniture and move shit in addition to plenty of booze and food being consumed.

so, we made a thing of it.

but NEXT week i’m getting my burnet shop memorial piece going, probably at least a two or three hour session. but after that i just need to heal EVERYTHING. for at least three weeks. then we’ll do a second session on the big one, maybe. i just need some ufc time / down time / pup time / house time…

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  • Shane Dec 17, 2016 @ 1:00

    At least it wasn’t down two flights and then up three, after and hour drive. And I’m betting you didn’t have to lift barbie’s car off of a concrete divider. Good times…

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