friday furry fun

fuck that no-shave no-vember bullshit…

…i think my beard has to go.

mine’s not nearly as epic as shane’s. shit, if i could grow out THAT kinda lumberjack shit i might keep it. but mine is about as full as i think it can get, and it definitely shows my genetics. my dad’s side of the family has never rocked beards, but always mustaches. in fact, my dad was the only clean-shaven one in the family. papa (his dad) had a mustache, as did my uncle jeff (rip) AND my uncle tim. half my beard (coincidentally the left side, where i have my dad portrait on my forearm and eventually his parents as well) looks nice. lays flat, looks like i did it on purpose, works fairly well. still a little patchy in parts, but i would call it adequate.

then there’s the right side…

the only frame of reference i have for facial hair on mom’s side of the family is my uncle arthur…epic mustache, super spotty patchy beard action. and where it does grow, it doesn’t grow well. it wiry and unkempt and i liken it to, for lack of a better description, face pubes. as a result of it protruding a bit more it makes my face look more fat…and my face needs NO assistance in that regard.

so next week it will go away…

…not quite sure what i’ll trim down to, but i’ll be trimming it down. i’ll see where the mood that day takes me.

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  • Shane Nov 20, 2016 @ 9:42

    Mine isn’t no shave November, it’s no shave (or cutting ANY body hair) 2016. And just to be clear, I can’t fucking wait until 12:00am, January 01, 2017. I’ll have my clippers sharpened and oiled up, ready to remove this lumberjack/sea captain/ wizard/what the fuck ever, soup straining food catcher from the front of my fucking face! I will still have a beard, but it’ll be much more under control.

  • sean M Nov 20, 2016 @ 22:35

    well, my mangy-looking face pubes will be history before wednesday more than likely…

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