don’t say that?

“it could be worse” was uttered by a co-worker this afternoon as we walked to walgreen’s in light drizzle…

…so, of course, it did and was raining pretty good by the time we left to trudge the block and a half back to the shop.

thanks, craig!

but it got me thinking – come wednesday morning, when we wake up and have a new president, could it have been worse? i mean, you can easily list “satan” and “hitler” on the the bullets dodged and feel good no matter which lands on penn ave, but what about some of the realistic “holy shit” scenarios that could have been? of course we all know how the game SHOULD have gone, but don’t get me started…


(in hindsight, doesn’t bernie almost look like letterman in this one?)

moving on…

…there was ted cruz. he got closest. he also would have been, in many ways, more dangerous. he wanted our democracy to become a theocracy. and he lambasted trump because trump personally insulted his wife, which i wouldn’t stand for…but then he backed off and supported the guy that talked shit, rather publicly, about his own first lady. that level of spineless has no place in the highest office, to good riddance to his vertebra-free ass.

there was ben carson. something about the phrase “black republican” screams “unicorn” to me – you hear about them, but you never expect to see one. i love watching carlton banks dance, i don’t need to see him take the oath. and honestly, ben, after the republicans have fought obama for so long (hint hint – NOT because of his party affiliation, i assure you) do you really think they’d want another black president? in the words of my generation, nigger please.

he didn’t officially run, but what about newt gingrich? he HAS run before. my fear is he might again. fox news has their tongue so far up his ass it’s almost pornographic to watch some of their interactions with him. he sees his feelings as facts. yeah, that’s the finger you want on the button.

and bush. talk about an ax to grind – daddy did it, brother did it, why can’t i? because not even your own mother was supportive, kid. “one of my four favorite sons” – she only HAS four! that’s a level of freudian issues you see in substitute teachers, not world leaders.

i’m cutting this sixer at four. honestly, it could still be worse if trump wins. i don’t know if it gets scarier than that. guess we’ll see come tuesday?

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