in one week is it the end of the world as we know it? do you feel fine?

if things go the drumpf way this will be my facebook profile pic:


he’s bumped in the polls thanks to the fbi starting a conveniently timed investigation, even though they admit they really don’t have shit to investigate. a right-wing nut job i used to work next to at dell and follow on facebook keeps posting shit about all the email shit, talking about how if she “does happen” to get elected it could be like nixon where she gets in and immediately has to step down due to the legal issues.

i’d honestly be okay with that. the more i’ve learned about her v.p. pick, the more i like him. and as i’ve said, while i’m not happy that hilary and i are lumped under the same nationality title, i’m less happy that the donald and i are lumped under the same species title.

as i’m typing this, the world series is on rain delay, all tied up about to start the tenth inning. of game seven. it’s a fucking BALLGAME. will next tuesday be this nail-biting? can trump actually win this thing? and if so, do we want to stay in a country that would elect this dipshit?

i might have to follow harold to hawaii…it’s still KIND of america, but probably safely out of range of the inevitable missile attack that would follow trump mouthing off to korea or something.

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