the great debate, part iii (grab america by the trunt©)

it took three sittings, and a bit of boozing and smoking, but i made it through the second debate…

…and after every answer trump gave, they should have played this video:

don’t get me wrong…i know hillary has lied about some shit. but i still consider her the lesser of two evils. she has diplomatic experience. she has white house experience. and she’s seen the game that is global politics, from the inside up close and personal. plus bill (as in her husband, the meat in the bush sandwich, presidentially speaking) might have a bit of say here and there, and bill is pretty damn good for this country.

and then there’s mister trump…

…in other countries americans are looked at as white, cocky, spray-tanned, hair-dyed, over-privileged, daddy-bought bitches who like tacky expensive shit and super model-looking euro-trash women and speak before thinking and believe themselves to be more intelligent and informed than they are. in their eyes we’re all ignorant money-grubbing shitheads that have no honor, no respect for other cultures or religions outside of christianity, and will stomp on anybody who doesn’t think the way we think, eat what we eat, drink what we drink, and fuck who we wanna fuck. and those shitheads have a king:


if this trunt© grabbing idiot even gets elected we are elevating him to the same level as washington, lincoln, jefferson, grant, eisenhower, and f.d.r. and he isn’t worthy of shaking their dick after they piss, although apparently his hand gravitates towards that region reflexively.

“trunt©” is copyright 2016

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