where all da’ white women at?

behind bars if their in tulsa…

…well, and unjustifiably shot somebody in front of a few cameras that then got beamed around the world.

i get that, and from what i’ve seen and read it’s more than deserved that she stay there for quite some time.

and while it’s refreshing to see justice finally starting to reel it’s ugly head and realize that shooting black folks for fun and profit isn’t right or legal it does beg the question (at least from where i’m sitting) as to why it had to happen to the white girl first. all the cops that have caused all the black lives matter movement and countless protests and riots have all had four things in common:

1. they were cops
2. they were white
3. they were dudes
4. they shot somebody black and typically unarmed

it started to make me wonder if there was a nationwide ban on watching the news for law enforcement because of it’s frequency. either that or the quotas we’ve heard about for tickets (which all my friends in law enforcement have always denied the existence of and i have to admit i tend to believe them) also count for shooting black folks? were cops watching the news and going, “oh, shit – they shot a black guy in kansas? we have to bag us one for the great state of illinois!”. not to make light of tragedy here (oh, who are kidding? i do it all the time minus the stereotypical “too soon?” question) but it WAS happening that frequently. since colin kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem to protest the police shootings over a dozen more black folk have been shot. over a DOZEN in the few weeks since.

“take a knee, people riot. take a bullet, people quiet” – author unknown, but stolen from d.l. hughley’s instagram feed

so the white girl took one for the team, as it were? i’ll be curious to see how this all plays out – and if a conviction happens i’ll be curious if it’ll spark other departments to follow suit. if there’s NOT a conviction, i just want it on record that i’ll miss tulsa – i’ve had good times there, and it’ll be a shame to watch it burn to the ground as i’m sure it will if this gun-blasting bitch walks.

i guess now we sit and wait and see how it plays out…

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