“stop clowning around”

lemme ax you something…

you’d trust your kids with that motherfucker, right?

i love when shit happens you can’t write…

clowns are supposedly trying to lure kids into the woods in south carolina. it has pushed the state to actually start a public service campaign. they actually had to put out literature telling people to advise their kids to not follow clowns in the woods. fucking seriously? if your kid doesn’t know that whatever happens just proves darwin knew his shit, right?


fuck y’all – he seems legit…we’re turning!

what freaks me out is they’re going after this on behalf of the kids, but not BECAUSE of the kids. by that i mean they’re threatening the people doing this NOT because of the child endangerment angle, but rather because…

“State law and city ordinances prohibit anyone older than 16 from wearing masks that conceal their identity when on streets, walkways or private property, unless it is a holiday or theatrical production costume.”

that would ruin some folks’ weekend…


and i’m still surprised they took that angle over the “don’t touch kids” angle, but the south does have it’s backwards history, don’t it?

Confed Clown
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