“two-sday” is for two hoes…kinda…but not really

it’s been a while since i’ve done a tueday “twofer”…

…so we’ll do it today.

uncover thine self, mademoiselle

france is cracking down on the brown! if you’re woman from the middle east who wants to look like this on the beach:


that’s okay! just don’t try to look like this:


apparently that’s “too extreme” for france. amusing that the country that fucking invented democracy doesn’t believe in religious freedom when it comes to showing too LITTLE skin on their world famous beaches, huh? i’ve heard of a dress code – but an UNdress code?

and then…

just don’t fuck either

i had to share…

2 holes

the bottom one is clearly a sex toy…but the top one is a DOG TOY? this keeps popping up in my amazon feed – what kind of playtime do you think budnik needs on his dadiversary tomorrow, any way? pervert ass company…

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