okay, so maybe it’s a little alarming…

i don’t know how i feel about os’s new school times…

…it has positives and negatives. i feel the latter outweighs the former, but i’m not 100%.

while i’ve set an alarm every day so far, i’ve woken up before it every day so far. not from the dogs or some loud noise – just naturally, the way humans are SUPPOSED to wake up. that’s the big plus. the minus is when it comes to DOING shit. like yesterday i got home with breakfast tacos and realized i didn’t really have time to do the yard, and sure as fuck didn’t have time to do the work on the car i needed to or hit the gym. with his old school drop off time of 7:30am i would have time – now at 8:30 not so much. also, we both keep waking up before our alarm (again, not a bad thing), getting breakfast and such going, and then just sitting and chilling for twenty minutes or so before we leave. it’s a nice casual start to the day, but a laid back pace neither he nor i are used to.

likewise, on the days he has his mma class we have to pretty much leave straight from school. so i have to hustle home to put dogs out, have ’em run around and play and what not, then get everybody situated and go grab the boy and off we go.

so in the morning i have time chunks i just feel forced to sit but can’t relax, and then half the afternoons are at an auctioneer’s pace.

i suppose there are worse problems to have, though – and for the last two years my bitch has been that “i have to wake up to a fucking alarm seven days a week”, which is now down to two. so i need to shut the fuck up, i suppose…

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