more work than it needed to be…

so, the original plan for today, as i get ready for nate & lauren’s wedding and then working till midnight, was to do a quick “slapback saturday” bit to ten years ago…

…but that falls on the other side of the bovine rape line of 2008, so i don’t have the bit. so i decided to do five years back, but the days were odd so there was no bit on the twentieth, so i tried to do “lucky number seven” with the same results for 2009 (no bit on the 20th) so i bumped it to 2010, which seemed like it was “lucky”:

luck veg

with the title and the vegas header randomly popping up, how could i NOT think this was cool? but it turned out after this cool intro paragraph:

…he’s our number one reader, he’s our number one commentator, and while mom was good and saintly shane is…well…NOT saintly. but a damn fine guy, who turns a year older today. i won’t say how old, but let’s just say whatever year it is, he’s still sixty-one days younger than me. and he won’t let me forget that…ever.

it turned to a “sucks to be me” bit about lucky dying, which had happened only four days prior.

that’s when i gave up on doing a “slapback” bit.

but that being said, it is shane’s birthday, which he doesn’t like to acknowledge or celebrate but i seem to get away with doing so here, so i made a meme that incorporates a lot of shane’s favorite stuff, save for the illicit:

Shane 45

while it misses on the beer cylinder, it hits on the stripper, truck, and tattoo cylinders – and three outta five wins the playoffs every time!

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