an abomination hallucination?

i have used photoshop for good, i have used photoshop for evil…


…but i have never used it for anything THIS evil!

i had this sent to me, not even under the guise of it becoming a bit, but rather under the guise of it being sad. sad that the once mighty british iconic footwear had now gone foam rubber…but it was not meant to be. they’re not real. at least, not yet. what’s scary as fuck is somebody from one of these companies might see this and thing it’s a good idea – then this could become a thing. i hope it’s the crocs people trying to get some street cred (lord knows they couldn’t get any less) and just add a boot top, realizing that actually attaching martens quality would blow their price point out. that would be the better case scenario.

if the docs people take it and run with it i can’t ever buy docs again. ever. and that would be kinda sad. with the exception of my flip flops (i had to) all my docs are the way they should be – made in england. in fact, my flip flops were the first docs i ever bought NOT made in england and were how i found out they weren’t always made in the u.k. any more (i just assumed they were since majestically the price was the same as the british ones).

but if you’ve seen the image above, rest easy – i did some research and found out it wasn’t a real thing. so at least one thing in the world of fashion is going RIGHT these days. now, ladies, let’s talk about this appalling high-wasted shorts thing you’re trying to bring back.

it’s appropriately named – you have to be high or wasted to think those look good…

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