shitty start, stellar ending

for the record, no blamesies, the last part of the title doesn’t mean i got laid…

…stupid bronchitis!

here’s juneteenth for me:

12:01am – dumping shop trash the bag rips, spilling an entire bag of bio trash all over the area next to the dumpster, which i then get to pitch into the trash loose.

12:30am – i finally get to leave the shop after numerous “hold up” and “one more minute” and “i’ll get to that tomorrow – oh, fucking wait, i’m not here tomorrow” moments

12:30am – 1:30am – i almost get run off the road by a high speed chase, hit every red light possible, and am unable to procure the alcohol i want from a convenience store prior to the 1am texas bullshit cut off time. i am, however, able to procure not one, but TWO losing lottery scratch-off tickets

1:30am – i get home and, since the cheap shitty convenience store booze was unavailable, decide to treat myself (i mean, hey – it is by 45th birfmas and all) to some top shelf shit, poor a drink, and inexplicably THIS happens:


glass snaps in two – for no reason. with no shards or cracks. as if i had cut the fucking thing with a laser. dumping ice and a generous amount of sauza black ($40 a bottle) across my kitchen counter.

that was when i was pretty much done. i decided i needed to drink and smoke enough to forget i had feelings, so i did – and slept in a bit more than i shoulda the next morning. stress caused some chest pains, and my mood could be described as “not good” all the way through the food prep, the trip up, and, sadly, a good chunk of the BBQ. but after it was over, everybody was fed and happy, and i had my final b-day drink at trudy’s and drove home i could relax and crash…and i did – for almost twelve hours. i woke up here and there, but for the first time since i was probably in my twenties i slept past noon.

the ufc said i probably needed it and she was probably right. so big ups to all the folks that showed, fuck off to all the ones that said they would, i bought you food, and you pulled no call / no shows (don’t look for an invite in 2017 or any other year) and let’s all move on from here amicably, deal?

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