i toyed with the idea of not saying anything about the orlando incident…

…but i feel like i kinda gotta.

here’s where i stand on a lot of the bigger talking points:

it’s not a muslim thing – while the guy was of middle eastern descent, and supposedly called 911 and pledged allegiance to isis and mentioned the boston bombers i still think this was more an act of individual idiocracy, and stand by a meme the ufc posted to her facebook wall:


it’s not a gun control thing – he was a security guard at a courthouse, which are the kind of people you WANT to have guns. if his ex had reported the domestic abuse that brought their marriage to such a shortened conclusion (four months) than he would have been denied a gun through normal means. could he have still got one? sure – they’re not hard to get on the untraceable market. you don’t even have to know people that sell em – just know somebody that knows somebody. as i posted on my boss’s facebook rant – “blame the fools not the tools”.

it’s not his parents fault – early on they brought up that he got really upset when he saw two men kissing in miami. and then it came out his dad didn’t like gays either. here’s a news flash – a good chunk of american males, be them muslim, “christian”, brown, white, or black, don’t like watching two men kiss. and most of our parent’s generation either don’t like it or “simply don’t understand it”, which i think is their way of paraphrasing the old sam kinison routine about “not getting how a man can look at another man’s hairy ass and find love”. i was quoting my dad on the “simply don’t…” line. i understand it, but the best explanations i could offer didn’t help dad get it…and that’s okay. but at twenty-nine, if i hated gays, it would be on MY ASS, not his.

at the end of the day it was an unfortunate combo shit storm – a guy hated homosexuals, owned some loud adult toys, and had enough wires crossed in his brain to make him commit the most deadly mass shooting of american citizens on american soil. PERIOD. and so, on that note, a note to my florida readers:

poorlando persevere
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