if you can’t relieve yourself with one jon, go for another!

“you don’t know whatcha got till it’s gone”, a shitty power ballad from my high school years tells us…

…and too little, too late, i realized this about jon stewart.

i had fallen off from daily show daily viewing. or even weekly or monthly viewing. in fact, i can’t really remember the last time i even watched comedy central.

oh yeah, it was jon’s last show.

again, not like i’d watched him in a while. not from a lack of interest, or lack of entertainment value, but more from a lack of time. but i did record the weeks leading up to his departure, and have watched a few of them but i’m hitting them slowly due to the fact that…well…those aren’t around any more. but one of his corespondents, john oliver, has a great show on hbo that is KINDA current…

…i say “kinda” because last week he did a bit i THOUGHT was current until it included clips of “Texas Governor Rick Perry” and the hair piece hasn’t been in the mansion for a while now. either way, it’s a great show and has become part of my sunday routine. it’s no jon stewart, but i at least have given myself what i feel is a taste of current events in addition to the random news droppings that fall in front of my eyes on facebook or whatever the fuck. i’m starting to realize the adults in my world didn’t watch the nightly news to stay up on current affairs, or even ’cause they really cared, but rather ’cause we only had three fucking channels.

i have several hundred. plus netflix. and amazon. and the dvr. so, um…yeah.

if you’ve got the hbo check out last week tonight on sundays. giggle along with me, people!

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