and the hits just keep on coming

“historic and life threatening rain”, they said…

…and they weren’t bullshitting. this is the normally clear road the ufc and i pass through on our daily commutes near the airport:

71 & 183 183 & 71 2

hence we both stayed home on friday. out at our place we didn’t get that much rain, but it was constant enough to keep some roof leaks going…and there was enough wind at the start of it all for me to make it onto the news, but the pic below shows what i did with a chainsaw in a rather hectic four hours of work monday and tuesday:

DP Tree

and this time no finger notching. but a large brush pile came out of it:

Brush Pic

i parked my car next to it for a size comparison purposes. it’s 150% the height and width of my car, and 250% of the length. i’m thankful we didn’t get the rain buda, texas did – they got the equivalent of HALF their normal annual rainfall in just a day and a half! (four inches more than the airport did, which was the first pic)

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