winner, winner, catfish dinner

i hate when you buy something online, it doesn’t work, and for the hassle it’s not worth returning…

…so it went with mr. gray project one for today, the messy power steering canister. i have long theorized it was a lack of an o ring that made it sloppy, and the one that came in doesn’t appear to fit, but at three bucks with postage and restocking fees it is TOTALLY not worth sending back, so i basically just gave up three bucks which sucks. sure, it’s only three bucks, but it’s three bucks i didn’t NEED to give up, you know?

part of this is leftover frustration from a watch repair issue today, but i think i know how to correct that…or at least part of it.

onward and backward…to the trunk.

yesterday on the way home my back light issue indicator lit up, which looks like this:

light warning

bright as fuck at night, but fortunately i drove home during the day. what’s funny is i’ve never gotten this for serious light issues (i.e. my reverse lights went out over a year ago) but there’s a wiring loom that goes from the trunk lid to the body that, over time, will have little wires break and you end up with this problem, this time with my license plate lights. then i discovered the trunk release lever wasn’t working…and when i got back there discovered three wires broken. all three were fixed today, and i now have my plate lights, handle, AND reverse lights working again, which is nice.

now if i could only figure out why the trunk lights aren’t coming on…and speaking of stuff i can’t figure out, when i came back in catfish was on mtv, which just wrapped up another season recently. after this show’s been on for literally years, how the fuck are people still fooled by this shit? it seems like no video chat = no relationship at this point, no? what the fuck is wrong with people today?

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