drunk on ink

i’d never heard this term before…

…which with my time in and out of the industry is surprising.

ink drunk

sounds like something made up by the “christians against tattoos” facebook group, of which i am a member. why? because it’s a bogus page making fun of that kind of shit. it has bullshit statistics about how tattooed parents are 400% more likely to give their kids drugs, and how we all “smoke dope” and “drink tattoo ink laced with hemp (marijuana)” which is, of course, bullshit. when they posted the tattoo arms of “actual car crash victims” and it was a page out of a tattoo supply catalog of silicone practice forearms i finally realized it was a lampoon page. sue me, some days i’m slow. i had my impact, though – when i posted the link to the tattoo supply page i think they pulled down the bit…which i didn’t do expecting that to be the result, but i guess i had revealed a bit too much about what goes on behind the curtain?

anywho, yesterday we did this:


or, more accurately, my buddy nate did this. i just sat there and tried to take it like a man…for five hours and some change. it’s the outside of my right forearm, the inside of which has my mom’s portrait. our first chunk of the session was almost three hours, with me moving very little out of the uncomfortable position i was in, and when i got up i felt tipsy…my eyes were puffy, i was a little dizzy and disoriented, and just felt “off”. of the tail end of it i was sitting up, so after that one i was cool. but for a while there i felt, for lack of a better term, drunk. more so than i was after a couple mexican martinis later. and a co-worker referred to it as “ink drunk”. who knew that was a thing?

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