leg day (voodoo still lives, the $1,321 dollar difference, etc)

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…

“some days you’re the leg, and some days you’re the dog doing the humping…”

today is most certainly a “leg day”.

started off getting the kiddo to school, which went well save for the “BRAKE” and traction control lights on my dash glowing amber as they started doing intermitantly on monday, and then decided to settle in that way for the long term (apparently) as of yesterday. my bmw guru said it could be one of two things, which had one of two price tags…

1. wheel speed sensor, which lights those up in 95% of cases, and costs around $35 and takes twenty minutes to fix
2. traction control sensor, which lights those up in 5% of cases, costs around $1,456 dollars, and takes three hours to fix

guess which one mine ended up coding out to be?

so after an hour commute into austin and a three minute diagnostic (which was thankfully free – i’m getting my own machine to theoretically do this next week…and yes, shane, it should reset airbag lights, too) i went to san marcos, closed out and returned a layaway, and then came home to find out my other “windfall” wouldn’t happen.

RETURNING (n) ree-TURN-ing – like shopping, but the money flows the other way

i call it a “windfall” in quotes because it’s MY money coming back to me. i foolishly threw another bike on layaway in san marcos, almost instantly regretting it, but knew i’d have to close out the payments before i could return it. that happened today, so the budget for NOLA loosened up a bit, but that’s not free money, it’s just stuffed i was forced to save over the summer.

the other quotable cash was supposed to roll in via returning our voodoo music experience passes, but it turns out those are NON-returnable, so now i have to wait for them to come in via the mail and then try and sell the wristbands via stub hub or something.


couple car trouble with an upset stomach and that news and…well…my day’s have gone better. on top of that, tomorrow gets to be uber hectic as i drop off AND pick up the kiddo and am now (somehow) supposed to squeeze at least four shops in the middle of all that.

yep, tonight’s gonna be a drinking night…

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