…and twice on friday

sometimes it’s the little things…

…and this is one of those times. okay, TWO of those times, technically:

scrap STERLING?!?

we’re cleaning like motherfuckers around here lately. okay, to be more accurate, the ufc has been cleaning like a motherfucker and i’ve been slacking like a motherfucker…but a face time call with her kid yesterday reminded me that as of sunday we have ONE MONTH till he’s back, and i had pledged to have a few things accomplished by the time he returned – mainly to have my convertible top fully functional, and then to also have the rest of the house (two rooms, two closets) “unlocked” by the time he returned…along the way will be lots of eBay selling, craig’s listing, and some other surprises, like the extra dough made from random hunks of precious metal popping up in stuff that was goodwill bound. curious to see what the grand total ends up being when all is said and done. that being said, i need to cut this shorter than usual to better use my remaining pre-work time to clean a bit. so, to close out…

the devil made me sell it?

when shane and i used to work ice bats game we had a wall of “satan cards”. “cards” were printed on ticket stock and showed your totals per that moment in ticket sales, and with the ice bats ticket amounts were odd numbers to your totals tended to be odd as well – but if you randomly pulled a card and your total was “$666” you got to sign it and we put it on the wall of evil. it will come as no surprise to most that i still have a few of these somewhere and eventually they’ll be part of the semi-permanent studio display. but i paid a bill today that got me all giddy ’cause i pulled it off for a MONTH:


i’ve never been so proud! that being said, that means i sold under seventy bucks worth of shit last month, and we gotta bust beyond that this time around…i’m just sayin’!

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