no longer homeless, and next year might be a craps shoot…literally!

so we’re going back to miss tina’s…


she’s married to a much cooler guy than she was dating (and later married to, albeit briefly) back in 2007 when she co-hosted with me, and she’s in a different spot. but i keep missing chances to hang with them, so it’s nice to see them again and do one over at her “new” place (she’s actually been there for a few years, but i’ve only made it over there once or twice).

thankfully that was all hashed out yesterday, the event is posted on the facebooks, and now i just gotta figure out if i want to remind my co-workers it’s even out there (very few of them check their facebook events, as evident by the amount that asked when my wedding was in the weeks following it) or just ride it out with tina & her crew, plus maybe shane and us. i’m leaning towards that option, honestly.

then, there’s next year…

i wanted to do an epic version, since it’s my 45th birthday AND the twentieth anniversary of the juneteenth bbq…we thought vegas, but i don’t know a single casino that would let me fire up a bbq pit by the pool and grill fajitas. try to google that shit – it literally just laughs at you.

goog search

the other thought was port aransas, but kramer’s place it booked beyond recognition during the summer months (as in 2016 is already spoken for) so i might look into another beach alternative or just do it as send off party before the ufc and i go to vegas? or do south padre? shit, it’s still a year off..

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