the homeless bbq

so, as of now, the nineteenth annual juneteenth bbq is homeless…

NOTE: not FOR the homeless, just without a location.

i spoke to my boss today, which is where we did it last year. problem is he & ol’ g are trying to sell the place. i’m trying to pitch it as “one last hurrah before you split” since last year he had a bunch of his friends come out to and everybody seemed to have a great time…so that’s my ideal plan. but since the house is on the market, i guess it all depends on how minimally trashed they think we can get the place?

i dunno…

if that doesn’t work i have no clue where it’ll happen…it WILL happen, i’m just not sure where. or when. some of the optional sites are attached to people who can’t do a thursday night thing (yeah, i know my b-day is actually a friday this year, but as it’s mainly my atomic family that comes and most of them work on friday i was leaning towards the day before) but we’ll see how it all plays out. next year will mark the 20th anniversary, and might cap off with a vegas run as the ufc wants to re-do my last (not so) fun trip to vegas, which was on my 35th, and next year’s my 45th, so we’ll see. shit, maybe for the 20th we’ll do poolside at the hard rock – you can get fajita meat out there, right?

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