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today was SUPPOSED to be about the big flood in san marcos this weekend…

…it’s my adopted home city (behind austin, my birthplace, and lockhart, where i’ve actually lived since 1978) and over the weekend it looked like this:

SM DQ image1(6)

but then came yesterday. the kiddo had spent the weekend at his cousin’s, so we went over there to pick him up and on the way hit rain that made us pull over. not a big deal. it got a bit more insane once we got back on the road and we pulled over a second time and did the texas traditional “margarita and queso” stop and went and got the boy without incident because by the time we left the restaurant the skies had cleared. the whole way home was smooth sailing…until we got to lockhart:


this lagoon is actually the road behind the mexican restaurant we go to WAAAAAAY too often. and then there’s the other side of my neighborhood where things get all countrified:

borch loop

that’s the road out to my buddy lance’s mom’s place…but at least a street over the local kids figured that if the normally empty culvert was gonna LOOK like the fucking river they might as well treat it like it:

lock tube

although with all the shit coming down from drainage i wouldn’t get in it unless i have to…especially with a healing foot tattoo (more on that another time). and while austin was smooth sailing for us on the way home because we were quite a ways out on the toll road, apparently it was sailing of a different kind closer to downtown:

lamar flood 2015

that’s the intersection of 9th & lamar downtown.

so for all you people that think climate change is a myth, i’ve seen austin flood like this a time or two as it’s a city that grew TOO damn quickly for it’s infrastructure, and san marcos will do this with two rivers going through it, but lockhart? i’ve lived here for thirty-six years and never seen anything CLOSE to this! repent now…the end is near!

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