irony defined

the original title of this bit was “i wonder where it went”…

…then our internet took a shit, and the bit disappeared, without even a draft anywhere in the system (which has never happened) but i didn’t realize it, so i wrote the whole fucking thing, and it wasn’t short, and it was done half on thursday evening and half on friday morning and then *poof* it was gone.

really annoying.

so here’s the gist of it, just abbreviated because…well…i’m in a hurry and kind of over it after the accidental deletion:

the “i wonder where it went” title had to do with a missing firing pin. sue me, i’m from texas, and live in a small town, so in stereotypical fashion quite a few of us own a gun or two. this is one of mine:


okay, so that’s not ACTUALLY the one i own (as easily figured out given the site watermark in the corner) but, again, this bit was started a while back and at the time the kiddo was near where it’s stashed and he is blissfully unaware of it so i left it where it was and used google images to fill in the blanks…


…so i bought it a while back and since, let’s face it, it’s not a practical carry item or anything (although legally i could – welcome to texas!) it sat and never got fired until a buddy wanted to hit the range, and out it came. racked it up, looked his way and said, “MANY fires in the hole!”, and pulled the trigger!


what the hell? racked it, a full bullet flew out, and i pulled the trigger again…


we looked at both “spent” rounds and noticed a disturbing similarity – in addition to being “unfired” they were “untapped”…i.e. there wasn’t even a dent on the primer from the firing pin, meaning it was either:

a. faulty or broken
b. obstructed or clogged
c. missing

turns out it was the latter…so either it was sold to pawn shop sans firing pin, or somebody pawned it since it never shot anyway because…well…the guy that sold it to THAT guy took out the firing pin. or perhaps further down the chain, seeing as how that company closed its doors back in 1998 or so…but NOW it has a brand new firing in ($25 on eBay) so we’ll see what this puppy can do next week when me & the kiddo have to kill time while his mom has a doctors appointment, perfectly bisecting his week of awesomeness:

MONDAY – MEMORIAL DAY (so we’re all off together to hang out)
TUESDAY – school per normal
WEDNESDAY – shoot machine guns day!
THURSDAY – school per normal
FRIDAY – early out, last day of school!

not a bad week before he goes off to colorado for the summer, huh? let’s see “real” dad top that shit!

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