7,966,331 live bands and nothing i wanna watch

the invasion is imminent…

…that annual austin cluster-fuck that is south by southwest.

while the lineups are posted online, and i know this, i traditionally look in the austin chronicle (they started the damn festival, after all…and word around the campfire is that the festival will outlive the publication). it takes a bit…it’s about a dozen columns of phonebook-sized print for three pages in the paper.

and in all that i found about nine bands…not that i wanted to see, but that i’d even fucking heard of. i consider myself pretty musically tuned-in…now not so much.

yeppers – for the first time in my life i feel a bit musically out of touch. i’d only heard of nine (maybe ten) of the bands…and of those nine there was three i wouldn’t mine seeing. filter it further for the ones i wouldn’t mind seeing with all the parking and get-in and smug out-of-towners-you’re-not-allowed-to-shoot-for-being-annoying factors and the count drops to zero.

what happened?

in years past there’s been exclusive shows i couldn’t get in to (didn’t really try due to work, honestly) or big showcases in public parking lots or what have you but this year…nada. is it going back to its roots and focusing on up and comers? or did it fall off this year? or is this really an awesome year and i’m suddenly that out of touch? guess i’ll wait for the post-apocalypSXSW reviews and news…

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