ban the bomb!

okay, so apparently this is a thing again…

…and that sickens me.

twice…not once, but TWICE this has happened. at polar opposite ends of town. the first occurrence was in round rock in the locker room of the gold’s gym on hesther’s crossing and ih-35. pretty sure that was a white boy as that was all i saw around me. this was last thursday. the second occurrence was yesterday morning, again in a gold’s gym locker room, but this time all the way south at william cannon and ih-35. this time i KNOW it was the mexican kid across the way from me. symptoms on my end were the same…burning nostrils. watering eyes. and a brief urge, albeit fleeting, to date rape a sorority girl. yep – i had been exposed to the fallout from…

axe bomb

the axe bomb!

i thought this had left us but apparently not. don’t get me wrong…i KNOW the products are still out there. i just thought at this point most folks had moved on to the stick deodorant or the body wash or hair stuff. shit, my ten year old son uses that stuff and it’s subtle enough to be pretty pleasant, especially compared to tween boy funk. but the spray? used by an adult? fucking hell! and remember, douche baggins – less is more! stop burning my fucking nose! ban the bomb!

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