tuesday 2k bit

no, we’re not taking this back to the turn of the millennium or anything…

…although that was a fun, profitable-ass night for me, even though it would have been cooler if i didn’t have to spend it with total strangers.

so it goes…and no, it didn’t go down in a holding cell.

this bit is named ’cause it’s a tuesday twofer based on two different random emails from kramer.

the first:


truth, i suppose. didn’t put this up so much because i love vettes but more because i hate priuses (is that the plural of those annoying little shits?).

and then there was the link about the iceman’s tattoos. for all those too lazy to clink the link and still reading i’m not talking about THIS ice man:


but rather this one:


he was found back in 1991 with what now appears to be sixty-one tattoos on him (i think that beats me by a long shot). while the bulk of them appeared to be for some sort of health treatment, possibly the oldest hints of acupuncture, they now appear to possibly just be decorative. they were not made with needles and ink, but rather with thin incisions with ash or carbon rubbed in, which by more modern terms of body modification means these should be labeled scars as that’s how scarification is done.

regardless of them being tattoos or scars there is one fact everybody in the industry can agree on – after 5,100 years the free touch-up limit is waaaaaaaay expired.

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