pull them singles back out of the collection plate!

to close out my lazy jesus week, we do a repeat that’s NOT a repeat:

i mean, i DID do this bit before, and i did run this video before, but as most video bits are just an intro sentence or two and then a brief comment afterwards, i decided it wasn’t worth copying and pasting so this just got done fresh.

sue me, it still fits the theme.

a stripper…who found jesus…in texas. never woulda saw that coming. i guess this only KINDA fits, but i’ll say it before and i’ll say it again: i’ve always felt churches and strip clubs have four things in common:

1. they both have really shitty music.

2. they both have surprisingly good food.

3. they’re both filled with well-dressed white guys who act one way within their four walls, and the complete opposite OUTSIDE their four walls.

and most importantly…

4. they both exist to extract cash from you based on you being able to get into some magical, mystical, perfect place where all your dreams come true and all is right in your little world…and even though you’ve heard all the myths about it, but never, ever, EVER actually met a single person that’s seen this place first-hand, you keep forking over cash in the hopes that you will get to this promised land…

…and that’s why in 2015 i pledge to avoid churches AND strip clubs. who’s with me?

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  • ME Dec 31, 2014 @ 20:55



    Happy new year to you all !

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