great minds…

i have been privileged to be friends with some pretty awesome people in my lifetime…

…and it amazes me how we can think alike after years apart.

take this pic for example:


(interesting side note – i have seven sets of knuckles to represent my seven friends that have been by my side through thick and thin, with no fights or bullshit, for over a decade…and the one that shows in this pic is actually the one representing lance)

it would appear we’d planned this. it was me training my buddy lance on his first day working for us – his “summer job”, as it were. but here’s the thing: it was the first time we’d seen each other in almost nine years. nine years without hanging out, and the first day we do, with no phone calls or planning (which would’ve been gay as shit, i’ll quickly add) we dressed almost alike.

that’s just kinda creepy.

lance and i knew of each other in elementary school (late 1970’s) but didn’t really start hanging out regularly until eighth grade (1984). the couple years before i hung out with my buddy andrew, who moved to austin right after seventh grade (1983). south austin at that. these days that would just mean we only hung out a couple times a week…but back then? before i could drive? pretty much suspended the friendship indefinitely.

but we finally got to hang out last night. thanks, obama! (i mean “facebook”).

best we could tell, the last time we saw each other was at threadgill’s world headquarters back when i was producing jim hightower’s radio show…and that job ran from may of 1998 to october of 1999 (ended not because of my work with my actual co-workers, but rather a pussy-whipped network exec who’s bitchy girlfriend didn’t like me because, unlike him, i wouldn’t kiss her ass or let her walk on me).

so it’s been at least fifteen years. and we both like tequila, smoke cigars, shave our heads, collect guns, and drive bmw’s.

that’s just odd to me.

it kinda makes me wonder how todd krause turned out – he was one of my best friends through fifth or sixth grade. makes you wonder what weird coincidences we have going?

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