why NOT having a kid in the house is kinda cool, part i

i never knew the joys of “back to school day”…

…until today.

i love the kiddo and all, but getting to sleep in, wake up casually, and start my day at my pace are all things i got used to over the summer, and today they kinda get taken away as i have to get up with him, get him started on his day, and get him off to school.

that’s the down side.

the up side? i get to try the concept foreign to me (morning naps) and get some of my “home alone” time back which i was starting to occasionally miss. plus, i have projects o’ plenty and this gives me time to do them. FINALLY, after almost twenty years of paying them, property taxes seem justified.

as a kid this was never a thing for us – “back to school” for us meant “back to work” for Mom as she was an elementary school librarian. so it wasn’t a day of celebration for her. likewise, nikki doesn’t get to enjoy it just yet as her schedule stays the same for another month or so (she starts working from home in october in theory) and so the only upside to this is all the shit that magically happens around the house in her absence either before i go to work or on my days off.

but for me, after those first inital, painful, early am hours it’s pretty cool. just means i have to go to bed a bit earlier, i suppose.

guess we’ll see how this all plays out…

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