a little bit of bbq and a whole lotta boxes

it was a week ago tonight…

…and i’ll grant you, some of the people i would have loved to have been there weren’t but outside of that, yeah this might be the best one yet.

the vibe was good, the food was good (if i do say so myself) some old faces were there that hadn’t been there in years and some new faces were there that had never been there.

and i didn’t even end up hungover – can’t say the same for the ufc.

i’ve always done the bbq with one goal in mind – to mask the fact it’s my birthday, and to make most of the attendees feel like it’s actually theirs; i.e. i constantly pull host detail, never really stop moving, and am constantly cooking or bar tending or what-not. eventually i sit down, but it’s pretty late in the game. this was no exception.

i was especially glad considering it’s the first bbq in a long time where i genuinely wasn’t feeling it, even up to an hour before it went down. i had woke up at 4am that day and not been able to sleep after. i went for breakfast tacos at 6am and don’t think i ate after that until the bbq happened, so i was pretty drained…and then we kept it going to where i didn’t get home and to bed till after 2am, twenty-two hours after i’d woken up.

that kinda sucked.

but it was a great bbq, and while i had planned to move it back to my place year after next for the twentieth anniversary things went so well this time i think, if they’re cool with it, i might just leave it at my boss’ place.

as for now, the rain is pouring down which REALLY sucks because i’m about to hop in the shower and get up to some shops and then the ufc’s to start loading her moving van…hopefully we’ve dried out by then!

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