white dudes suck

that’s not what i was supposed to take away from the article i read today…

…but i did.

not that it was the intent of the bit. i get that. but when it all comes down to it, they try to blame culture or society or expectations…and that’s just bullshit.

i probably need to back up here. so let’s take it back to 1995.

nine days and fifteen years ago i graduated college from a school that had a bit of a rep of being a party school. still kinda does. there’s a giant bronze statue of horses in the central quad that, legend has it, will come to life and run off into the sunset if a virgin ever graduates from that school…

…but i know that to be bullshit, because if that was the case the would have galloped away nine days and fifteen years ago. some of you saw that one coming.

(no pun intended, as obvious by the letter “o” in “coming” versus a “u”)

i graduated college having never been drunk, never been high, and never been laid…and i was a c-list celebrity on campus thanks to college radio (but an “a-student”, thank you very much). there were plenty of women i chased after, both in AND out of my league and none of them would give it up to me…and this was in the 1990’s. yeah, it was the decade that coined the phrase “date rape” and was the first college generation during the whole AIDS paranoia, but it’s not like others weren’t getting tail all around me…it’s just i wasn’t.

sometimes it sucks to be me – and not literally, i’m afraid.

i knew plenty of guys that weren’t as smart as me, or as funny as me, or as cool as me, and were barely more good looking than me and they couldn’t KEEP their dick dry…meanwhile i was left, in my room, handling my own business while gazing at the anna nicole smith issue of playboy (she wasn’t the reality tv train wreck yet) or some sandra scream porno with the tv on mute while my other friends got theirs.

that’s kind of bullshit.

to top it off i owned a small sub-machine gun that could have easily fit in my backpack with a fifty round clip (traded away a half decade ago for a boa constrictor that got sick and died) as well as a large caliber handgun that, thanks to my buddy lance passing on his marine corp and police training, i was quite proficient at. so all that pent up sexual frustration, all that firepower, and pre-school shooting pre-nine-eleven level security on college campuses and i never once went after the delta kappa whateva the fuck house with guns a’blazing.

you know why? because i’m not a fucking whack job.

(a “whack-off job” would be a different story, but never mind that now)

so while i’ve read a bit or several about this asshole that shot up a sorority after posting numerous videos and blog posts online about how all the bitches that wouldn’t give him ass were gonna be slaughtered (where was a pre-empitve strike on this? oh yeah, he was white and affluent, so what damage could he REALLY do, right?) and how him being white and male lumps him in with seventy of the last seventy-one mass murderers, you know what lumps him in with a hundred out of the last hundred?

he’s out of his fucking skull.

quite a few internet folk like to always point out the “white male” factor when it comes to news-worthy crazy…but what most people DON’T seem to take into account is that white guys are the majority of this country, despite what the tea party fucks (don’t get me started) like to claim. they’re also the majority of the people that, year in and year out, will actually get off their ass and vote which is why most of the government officials are white guys that pass laws that…wait for it…help out other white guys.

funny how that shit works, huh?

so with the bulk of the country being white and male it makes sense that the bulk of mass shootings and what-not are carried out by white males…especially when you factor in the fear most white guys have of other races, and the fact that most of them feel the second ammendment gives them the “god given right” to own multiple machine guns with armor-piercing ammo to protect them from said races and you end up with a bunch of armed-to-the-tits crazy fucks that, playing the percentages, end up white and male.

welcome to america!

so before we try and focus of the “white” or “male” or “gun owner” factors let’s consider this – the bulk of the great state of texas is white, male, and armed…but we never have this kind of shit happen here.


because we know that texas folk don’t fuck around when it comes to guns…say what you want, but california having such strict gun laws literally makes it to where only outlaws have guns…at least when it comes to the good one (good guns, i mean, not good outlaws). why does texas have less home invasions? less violent crime? less mass shootings? because even a crazy person knows that in texas there’s a good chance you’re one of only seventeen loaded guns in the room…and that’s if that room is a baptist church.

and it only goes up from there.

so while it’s easy to blame society or pop culture for the latest bullet-fueled tragedy, and i’m sure the anti-gun crusaders will use it as ammo (pun intended) to try and restrict gun or bullet availability the bottom line is this:

crazy people do crazy shit.

and if you don’t think this guy was crazy ask yourself would NOT getting laid push you this far? did he not have access to pornhub and some jergens? you know he could access at least the first one – otherwise he couldn’t post all those videos. this guy was just a dumb-ass, plain and simple.

and, as they all do, he turned the gun on himself when it was all said and done – so the real truth will never come out.


interesting side note – in the time since i wrote this (wednesday afternoon) and you reading it i had some research thrust upon me with more articles posted to the facebooks that claim all the people that do this shit are on hard-core pharmacuticals, but then said article had a floating ad for illegal ambien and paxal in it!

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  • UFC Jun 1, 2014 @ 13:38

    A person has to be unstable to do something like that, no doubt about it. You’re right it is unfair to say it’s only white guys that do this stuff, & you make a very valid point with white men being the majority of the country. I think the conversation about entitlement is important, & how women have been objectified by men…not all men of course! The people who commit these acts are messed up. Even If they were on meds, being treated…they would have to want to change & some just don’t. Unfortunately some of them are violent & these things happen.

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