fuck it – at least i dropped less than twenty bucks

as far as my knee-jerk ideas go, that’s not a bad investment…

…so a couple bits ago i ran the graphic that was our facebook save the date thing with me & the ufc and her kiddo atop the hotel where kramer marries us in november.

not a bad looking family, i might add.

but as we got engaged back in december, changed our fb status, posted a pic of the ring, and then NEVER said word fucking one about it online since, the pic caught a few people by surprise and appears to have re-ignited some of the wedding excitement that tends to hit the fairer sex under these circumstances.

and i ain’t just talking about the ufc…

…both her friends AND mine have started throwing questions our way that we don’t have answers for because…well…we’re still focused more on the fact she moves in six weeks from now and we’re really not prepared for it rather than the wedding that pops off five months later.

so…i had a plan. that was either stupid or not.

from the same place i purchased the “new whore” url (www.daphuck.com) i purchased another url to set up a site for the wedding, that we can maybe use afterwards for whatever. we’ll see how into this i get…

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  • UFC May 20, 2014 @ 11:23

    I think there could be some interesting possibilities with our site in the future.

  • kramerw May 27, 2014 @ 14:06

    “our site”?


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