my first spoiler bit?

and no, i don’t mean a bit about this…


i mean it more about this:


this is our STD – i.e. “Save The Date” graphic both the ufc and i will put out on the facebooks tomorrow to let people know it’s officially six months till our wedding date. the pic was taken last week when she finally got to see the spot for our wedding i actually picked out twelve years ago, then gave away to a friend ’cause he wanted a cool spot, then took back when he didn’t pull the trigger and i met the ufc…she loved it, so now we’re really locked and loaded.

i figured i’d put it up here as well, and as bits are running on odd numbered days, i knew it would either have to go the day before or the day after…and my readers shouldn’t have to wait.

that being said, i wanted it as close to the date as possible (making the “six months…” thing more accurate) so i set it to run at 11:59…i guess one minute can’t hurt, right?

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  • UFC May 14, 2014 @ 7:09

    I can’t wait to share this with everyone! 🙂

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