no more extra loaded monday!

“let me share your load. ooh, let me share, share your load” – from led zep’s physical graffiti” album…

…definitely a quotable band, but not the set of lyrics you want tattooed right above your ass if you’re a chick. unless you’re really into that kind of thing. in which case, where were you when i was single? that was the first cover up i saw done when i started working at my current tattoo shop. true story.

the post office feels it needs to level it’s load as well. due to their being no delivery on sunday, but mail still moves in the background, as it were, monday is a motherfucker:

mail pile

so starting this week they’re doing “load leveling” whereby the monday mail will be evenly distributed throughout the week, which they say will lead to mail carriers being happier and getting their routes done more expeditiously although from where i’m sitting it would only effect mondays? like, now monday WON’T suck by the other days will suck a bit more?

maybe i’m just overthinking this…

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