the sixers that never were

i had this great idea for a sunday sixer the other day…

…then i sobered up, and it wasn’t so great.

this happens from time to time – i’ll get an idea, toss out two, maybe three of the six, and then that’s all she wrote. it’s not good enough to qualify for it’s own bit, but it’s not interesting enough, or i’m just to brain dead to come up with, six different bullet points. and because of that today’s sixer is made up of

six sucky sixer subjects

(try saying that shit six times really fast!)

1. six wedding planning nightmares – not good ’cause…well…we really haven’t planned a lot ’cause we’re not making that big a thing of it. at least, i don’t think we are. the problem is we’re both procrastinators, and the more immediate issue is getting the house thing going so we can get the move in done in june, still five months shy of the wedding. but come summer? this becomes one whopper of a year, so i think we’re both just enjoying the calm before the storm…

2. six bad valentines tattoo ideas – yeah, there’s way more than six…although thankfully none of them got done while i was at the shop on friday!

3. six home improvements i really gotta make before the ufc moves in – again, there’s way more than six, and with the tax refund pretty much MIA i’m already stressed enough about this that i don’t need to vent more about it here, honestly…

4. six things you never say to a gay guy – i came up with two instantly, thought to myself, “this motherfucker writes itself!” and, yeah…that was all i got.

5. six sixers that never happened – oh, wait. we did that.

6. six tattoo ideas i wanna do in the next year – given where i work you think this would be easy, but no…they have to tattoo me on their day off for a lot less money, so it tends to drag. i’ve been waiting on our portrait guy to do my folks for two years, so no need to tease myself here…

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