i guess i’ll get to it later

i think i am taking procrastination to a new art form these days…

…and that’s not something i’m proud of.

now, doing something about it? i think i’ll get to it later…

…and that’s the problem.

seriously – i have no REAL deadlines in my world, and as a result i don’t really feel the need to set any. i have goals, but they’re basically open-ended goals where the deadline is a good chunk off. the wedding isn’t till november. i have a goal for something going with my sister, but she’s been such a pain about things that i have no motivation there. i have days off and just sit – budnik fucking loves it, ’cause we just chill on the couch together, and if i clean for real for real he has to crate up ’cause he’s always my shadow…and i’d love to say i do it so i can be cool for him, but not really…it’s just ’cause i’m being lazy.

hell, it even spills over to here…i’m just scribbling this out at the ufc’s kitchen table ’cause i left my adapter at our south store and this is the one thing i don’t like doing from my phone…type a whore bit on an iphone touch screen? fuck all that! but i SHOULD have come up with a real topic and wrote it at the house…i just DIDN’T.

and here we are.

i don’t know if it’s the stars, or the fact that i’ve felt sick since october, or what the fuck, but i need to get my motivation on, and SOON. the one deadline that is looming and has LOTS of stuff that has to precede it is the ufc moving in with her kiddo in july – guess i better get off my fat ass and make some shit happen!

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