it’s like scarface, but with better music

so, the other day i saw purple rain for the first time ever…

…i now get why prince never took off as a film actor.

what was odd was watching it forced me into watching jay and silent bob strike back because they both have morris day and the time performing “jungle love” and i was curious which performance was better (i prefer the latter one).

but back to the purple thing…

it’s one of those movies everybody assumed i’d seen but i hadn’t…like the godfather or forest gump or whatever. back in the day it was easy to tell the movies i hadn’t seen, ’cause shit was on vhs…if it took up two tapes, i probably didn’t see it. i love me some movies, but i’m not one to commit that kind of time to shit.

it’s like scarface, but with better music.

scarface is another of those movies i didn’t see until the last few years. it had been so hyped up and quoted and mythologized (yes, spell check, i know that isn’t a real word) that i didn’t just SEE it when it finally came time – i BOUGHT it. sight unseen (literally). from target. the problem was pacino’s accent got on my nerves and i’ve never found michelle pfeiffer remotely attractive. not even close. if you’ve ever been in miami and spent time amongst their cuban crowd you know that accent is a joke, which is sad ’cause it typically enjoy pacino as an actor. as for the violence, while i can see it being shocking and revolutionary and over the top in 1983 when the movie was released, seeing it for the first time twenty years later did nothing for me…

…that’s when i learned about target’s return policy. they ain’t blockbuster (in the sense they don’t rent movies AND they’re still open) and they won’t take back an open movie and let you exchange it for anything…except that same movie. if it’s sealed they’ll only let you return it for OTHER movies. not other shit in the store. obviously, i had opened it…so i let them trade it out for a new, still sealed scarface, then traded that out at a different target on my way to a hockey game or something later that day.

problem solved.

purple rain would have suffered the same fate had i not just watched it on hbo – it was much talked about, and didn’t even come close to delivering…but the soundtrack is bad ass, and reminded me of some prince tunes that didn’t make my three disc hits collection that i now must go and get for the iTunes library; and lest we forget, that IS the soundtrack that got us the “PARENTAL ADVISORY” sticker.

true story.

just watch jay and silent bob strike back – morris day and the motherfucking time do a better performance of “jungle love” on there anyway.

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