who knew “movember” was a thing?

here i thought a bunch of my co-workers were being lazy…

…and they are.

i have classic, dry as fuck, irish/english/nordic skin. as a result, as the thermometer and humidity drop and that cold, dry wind moves in for the six to ten weeks of winter we get in south central texas if i shave my face my cheeks redden up like baboon’s ass…

…not a good look for me.

so typically i lose the mustache / goatee combo i rock the warmer months in favor of a constant five o’clock shadow. it’s lower maintenance and cheaper (i go through a LOT less razors) but gets a bit warm when it…well…gets warm, so it tends to be just a winter thing for me. my “winter coat”, as it were.

and i noticed a lot of my friends and co-workers doing the same thing, saying it was in support of “movember” (pronounced “MOW-vember”) pledging they would grow their beards through the end of november, possibly the end of the year.

their women folk are thrilled.

but i read up on it and it turns out it IS a real thing, but there’s some subtle variations compared to what my buds told me:

1. you should be registered to the charity (they’re not)
2. you’re only supposed to be doing a mustache (they’re growing full beards)

i have done neither of these things – but i also don’t try and say i’m doing “movember”…shit, i’m thinking of ditching the beard for a bit just so people DON’T think i’m participating. not that i’m not about killing all the uncool male cancers, but as i’m not registered and the month is half over, why bother at this point? something to consider for next year i’m suppose – until then i’m just unpurposely furry…

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